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Family Health Teams provide family health care services  by working with a family physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses and a range of other health care professionals.

They develop community-based  programs that emphasize health promotion, illness prevention and early detection/diagnosis. 

Family Health Teams connects patients to other parts of the health care system such as acute care, long-term care, public health, mental health, addictions, and community programs and services.



A Family Health Team provides care to patients in a collaborative approach. Teams consist of family physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, dietitians, social workers, and more.

Being registered with the team allows for our patients to have access to FREE services such as: Nurse Pracitioner, Registered Nurse, Registered Dietitan, Diabetes Educators, Social Workers, Chiropodists and a Pharmacist. 

Patients can receive After-Hours Clinic during the evening (Monday - Friday from 5-8pm), weekend visits, and a Telephone Health Advisory Service to call for urgent issues.

By working together, the best possible care is delivered to patients safely, compassionately and effectively.

No. Registration for the Family Health Team is recommended, but voluntary.

The Humber River FHT currently has Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, Diabetes Educators, Social Workers, Dietitians, a Chiropodist and a Pharmacist.

A Family Health Team member will contact you to arrange an appointment. If you do not receive a call within 5-7 days of seeing your doctor, please call 416-740-2810 or 647-342-8266.

No. Seeing any of the health care professionals is a benefit of being registered in the Family Health Team. There is no cost to you. 

HRFHT has 7 different locations. View our locations here

When your appointment is booked with a member of our health care team, you will be given the option to choose which location you would like to go to.

Counselling services are offered to patients on a one-on-one basis. In person counselling sessions or virtual (including telephone) appts are offered FREE to patients.

We offer FREE group education classes for patient, their families and members of the community.

Yes. Speak to your Health Care Professional about switching so you can be booked for an appropriate appointment at the right place.

HRFHT has a cancellation and no show policy.

All appointments need at least 24 hours’ notice for cancellation.

If you do not show for 2 (two) consecutive appointments, you will not be rebooked at that time and you will be required to revisit your family physician for another referral.

A Social Worker at HRFHT is a licensed and registered Health Care Professional responsible for the psycho-social needs of each patient. Through a combination goal setting, therapy, and education, their goal is to empower each patient to achieve mental health wellness.  

Nurse Practitioners are licensed and Registered Nurses who have expanded education levels and who work closely with your doctor to provide superior quality of care. They are an integral part of HRFHT as they are able to:

  • diagnose and treat illnesses
  • order tests
  • prescribe medications
  • involve patients in decisions related to their care 
  • improve access to primary health care
  • provide high-quality management of chronic illness (e.g., diabetes, high blood pressure)
  • create and maintain close relationships with patients

Nurse Practitioners are continuously teaching individuals and their families about healthy living, preventing diseases, and managing illnesses.

The purpose of the The After Hours Clinic is to provide medical services to patients registered with the Family Health Team (FHT) and Family Health Orgnanization (FHO), outside their own family physicians office hours 7 days a week except Stat holidays for same day sick visits only. 

Please do not come to our office if you have any flu like symptoms. 

After Hours Clinic Information Line: 647-288-1006.

Contact your Family Physicians for:

  • Regular Visits /
  • Immunizations,
  • Doctors Notes,
  • Forms,
  • Narcotic Prescriptions,
  • TB Tests & Interpretations, etc. 

Please remember these type of health care service cannot be done by the Doctor On-Call, during the After Hours Clinic. 

Unlike Walk-In Clinics, when you see our medical team you can be assured that your medical information stays in one place and we can continue your care.

/uploads/After hours folder/HRFHO-AHC Physicians Schedule May 2024 (1) (1).pdf

If you are having an emergency, please visit your nearest emergency department or call 911 immediately.

Patients who are registered with the HRFHT are able to see the doctor that is available during the After Hours Clinic. To find out if your doctor is part of the Humber River Family Health Team, check the monthly schedule or call the information line at 647-288-1006.

Please visit our Physician Schedule page for up to date schedule information.

Please do not come to our office if you have any Flu like Symptoms

After Hours Clinic Information Line: 647-288-1006.

Virtual consultation with the Doctor On-Call is available to patients registered with the FHT & FHO for urgent sick visits only.

Contact your Family Physicians for: 

  • Regular Visits/Immunizations
  • Narcotic Prescription
  •  Forms, Doctor's Notes
  • TB Tests & Interpretations
  • Ear Flushing
  • Non-Urgent Referrals

Unlike Walk-In Clinics, when you see our medical team you can be assured that your medical information stays in one place and we can continue your care. 


Remember to bring a valid health card to every appointment.

There are 38 family physicians in the HRFHT.

Each day, there will be a different Doctor On-Call.

To find out when your doctor will be at the clinic, check the monthly After Hours Clinic schedule or call 647-288-1006.

Your family physician will receive your notes within 24 hours of your visit to the After Hours Clinic. 

Our Locations

Dixon Site

245 Dixon Rd.
Etobicoke, ON
M9P 2M4


Mount Dennis / Weston Site

2050 Weston Rd.

Toronto, ON

M9N 1X4


Finch / Keele Site 1

1315 Finch Ave W
North York, ON
M3J 2G6


Finch / Keele Site 2

1275 Finch Ave W
Toronto, ON
M3J 2G5


Finch / Weston Site

3473 Weston Road, Unit A
North York, ON
M9M 0G4


Wilson Site

1017 Wilson Ave
North York, ON
M3K 1Z1


Schulich Family Medicine Teaching Unit

1235 Wilson Ave
Toronto ON
M3M 0B2