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Family Physician Team

Humber River FHT is a group of 34 Family Physicians at 5 sites who provide primary care services to approximately 49,000+ patients in Northwest Toronto. Primary Care Providers (Family Physicians) - provide assessments, prevent, treat & diagnose illnesses, injuries & help patients manage chronic illnesses.

Dixon Site

106-245 Dixon Rd.
Etobicoke, ON M9P 2M4

Dr Pralhad Bide
P:647-775-8282  F:647-775-8273

Dr. Abdullah Berih
P:416-247-8781  F:416-247-8670

Dr. James Choe
P:416-248-9166  F:416-248-9695

Dr. Wilhelmina De Groot
P:416-249-0009  F:416-249-8380

Dr. Hanna M. Hinnawi
P:416-235-2655  F:416-235-0886

Dr. George Iwanchyshyn
P:416-249-0009  F:416-249-8380

Dr. Arthur Kushner
P:416-247-2193  F:416-247-0402

Dr. Aminmohamed Ladak
P:416-248-0283  F:416-248-2977

Dr. Joseph Larson
P:647-777-1166  F:647-777-1165

Dr. Nabil Moharib
P:647-775-8274  F:647-777-1165

Dr. Assefa Noza
P:647-775-8281  F:416-247-0402

Dr. Olivia Sankat
P:647-777-1163  F:647-777-1164

Dr. Sreelavaniya Sreetharan
P:647-775-8244  F:416-247-0402

Mount Dennis Weston Site

2050 Weston Rd.
Toronto, ON M9N 1X4

Online booking is also available for patients of the Humber River Family Health Team.  CLICK HERE to view the instructions on how to book online. 

Dr. Shazeen Bandukwala
P:416-763-1171  F:416-763-0573

Dr. Robert Chong
P:416-763-1171  F:416-763-0573

Dr. Caitlin Christie 
P:416-763-1171  F:416-763-0573

Dr. Matthew Narine
P:416-763-1171  F:416-763-0573

Dr. Paul Frydrych
P:416-763-1171  F:416-763-0573

Dr. Seymour Frydrych
P:416-763-1171  F:416-763-0573

Dr. Kenneth Greenwald
P:416-763-1171  F:416-763-0573

Dr. Jane Howell
P:416-763-1171 F:416-763-0573

Dr. Aditi Lakhani
P:416-763-1171  F:416-763-0573

Dr. Ekta Lakhani
P:416-763-1171  F:416-763-0573

Dr. Edwin Wu 
P:416-763-1171  F:416-763-0573

Wilson / Keele Site

1017 Wilson Ave. Suite 200
Toronto, ON M3K 1Z1

Dr. Dan Hancu
P:416-636-5500  F:416-636-5501

Dr. Stephen Ronald (Ron) Shorser
P:416-636-5500  F:416-636-5501

Dr. Sara Weinstick-Goldberg
P:416-636-5500  F:416-636-5501

1017 Wilon Ave. Suite 204
Downsview, ON M3K 1Z1

Dr. Ralph Masi
P:416-638-7288  F:416-638-6076

Dr. Stephen Ross
P:416-789-5012  F:416-789-5072

P:416-789-5012  F:416-789-5072

Finch / Keele Site

1315 Finch Ave. West, Suite 215
Downsview, ON M3J 2G6

Dr. Michael Vecchio
P:416-630-7426  F:416-630-2741

1275 Finch Ave. West, Suite 209
Toronto, ON M3J 0L5

Dr. Steve Rubenzahl. Suite 209
P:416-630-9061 F:416-630-2990

Dr. Qurat Bakht. Suite 102
P:416-630-3301 F:416-630-3303


3473 Weston Rd. Unit #A.
Toronto, ON M9M 0G4

Dr. Seong Choe
P:416-742-4646  F:416-742-0138